Wet Suit


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Wet Suit 03:14
there was a boy he was trapped inside himself to stay afloat he laid his dreams upon the shelf spent all his time trying to breath the murky grime thrown by the waves into the rocks as he was passing by a battered wreck he washed up upon the beach attention transfixed by the sirens in the sea another voice guides him toward an outstretched hand “take off your wet suit and emerge into the sand.” because I know the way back home because I know the way back home then a great light cast itself upon the shore the boy looked down to find the black suit that he wore as if it knew it clenched down upon his skin and though it hurt he had to burst out of his sin now! let go! let me go!
going to work i’ll be digging up graves ‘cause the nation’s state buries ‘em fast now striking a match open the hatch take a chance and let in the light let in the light don’t let the man weapon in hand keep you from doing what’s right now throw up those hands to stars and say ohh? keeping it pure meet in the sewer gonna spread all of the bread of life now saying our prayers blood in our hair screaming Jesus as they plunge in the knife him and his wife now blood spilled pollocks the alter and the angels say oh
shortly after history cut the cord vision filled by oceans i’m falling towards i can see continents collide all we are is dust from the stars at the end, simple man convinced i was in charge vain concerns and worry will burn away vague illusions of my social grace feel the heat as i shine like the sun all we are is breath and vapor trails a great exhale, and we will fail to know what could have prevailed and i know, i’m sure it’s all happened before beneath some snow far below the answers unexplored
man in the snow did you know this would be your last night? man in the snow where’d you go? you melted in the sunlight the tallest trees are felling from the baseline that you’re selling i’ll take only the way that dawns with the day i know, i know all the fear’s trying to shackle me chained distorting my brain i know the old man’s dying there in the snow let it go spill out your heart waist deep carbon in the skies atop mountain highs where my guitar doth weep a tunguska in the telling in the hearts that you make your dwelling


Randy Cochran = vox, drums, keys, et al.
Jason Ferguson = guitar
Sasan Mogharabi = guitar, keys
Sean Enfield = bass

Sharla Franklin = string section on Waverider 1945 and Fictional Space Tragedy Scenario pt. 1

Art + Lyrics panels by the great Brie Underhill.



released September 19, 2017

Music by Randy Cochran + Bangarang
Recorded & Mixed by Randy Cochran + Matthew Mobley
in the woods @ the Beatnik Vending Machine
© 2017 Don't Panic/ASCAP


all rights reserved



BANGARANG Baltimore, Maryland

Space trash dream gaze with gusto.

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